Unleash the hero in every team member.

Tap into best-in-class behavioral science and AI to gamify your team's goals, discover hidden superpowers, provide on-demand coaching, and unlock your team's full potential.

Take the Quiz for Teams
Developed by top scientists from Harvard and Stanford, Scoutible brings together decades of academic research and cutting-edge behavioral science to give any team productivity superpowers.
Beat the competition with gamified accountability.
Success is built on consistent and productive habits. Gamified goal tracking and social accountability tribes empower your team to build fundamental heroic habits and the power to always learn faster than the competition. Foster a culture of accountability, growth, camaraderie, and fun with Hero Mode.
On-Demand Coaching
with Hero Coaches
Speak and chat on-demand with AI Hero Coaches to elevate your leaders and team members to heroic heights. Get inspired by iconic stories, learn new skills and best practices, and build the muscle memory of success with daily performance coaching. With premium plans, accelerate your teams' transformation with hybrid live coaching alongside AI coaches.
Unlock your team's hidden potential.
You know who your best performers are, but want to finally know why? Our technology gives you X-ray vision into your own team's strengths to help your team understand themselves and each other via a fun 15-minute team bonding exercise. Later, use these insights to find more people (even within your organization) who will naturally perform like your stars.
The proof is in the data
Better than job KPIs
First Year Sales Performance
Scoutible’s game predicted first year sales performance 213% better than a hire’s first 1-3 months of selling.
Better than interviews
Top Candidates
Scoutible's science predicts 4.5x better than interviews for a 100+ person team.
Time saved screening
Resume Screening Time
Using Scoutible reduced a fast-growing startup's time spent screening resumes by 87%
How it works
Onboarding and Habit Building
Kickstart your team's superhero journey with a comprehensive onboarding process that instills the Hero Mode mindset from day one. Build powerful habits that drive success through our proven behavioral science techniques.
Live and AI Coaching
Receive guidance from real-world mentors who have achieved extraordinary success. Augment your team's capabilities with AI-powered coaching that's available 24/7, enhancing productivity and motivation.
Make Every Team Member A Top Performer
Empower your entire team to perform at their best, transforming each member into a top performer. Boost collaboration, accountability, and performance, ensuring that your startup reaches new heights of success and always stays ahead of the competition.
Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of science and gaming to wildly increase the odds of success... Scoutible is the future.
- Mark Cuban
What customers say about us
We were shocked at the value Scoutible provides
Scoutible has been a vital tool in our hiring process, but we were shocked at the value Scoutible provides within our existing teams. Our facility managers do not have the time nor skillset to review top performers and identify what drives their success on the job. Scoutible was able to identify those traits for our managers, ultimately equipping them to offer feedback and guidance to current team members who were struggling or looking to advance.
- Talent Acquisition Manager | Logistics Company
Helped us identify nontraditional candidates... and they’ve been fantastic performers!
Scoutible has helped us identify nontraditional candidates who don't have college degrees or have gone a different education route, and they've been fantastic performers! Using Scoutible, we’re able to see the strengths and skills that have made our own great employees. After finding our first few incredible hires with Scoutible, it was clear this is how we hire going forward.
- CEO | Tech Company
Transform your team into a force to be reckoned with
Witness your team evolve into an unstoppable, high-impact force in your industry. With your army of professional learning and execution athletes, the competition will never stand a chance.
Growing An All-Star Team? Game On.
Scoutible empowers you to understand your team members like never before, and find unbelievable talent your competition can’t see.
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