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Hire psychologist-vetted sales talent

This summer, Scoutible is launching a first-of-its-kind candidate sourcing service. Participating employers create a free, customized personality profile for your ideal SDR hire, and view a batch of perfect-fit, available sales candidates on our online platform with a psychologist’s overview of how each match fits your soft skill and personality specifications.

Our inaugural pool is a curated group of early-career sales talent, phone screened and scientifically-vetted for natural sales aptitude, personality fit, and intent to start their tech sales career in an SDR/BDR position this summer.

There’s no commitment required - the candidates will be available to our invited employer partners for 2 weeks, and you pay nothing unless you make a hire (then only a 10% success fee on their base salary). We’ll curate every match based on scientific-level fit to your team.

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