Make every hire a top performer.

Meet the #1 most accurate and unbiased hiring selection criteria known to exist. In minutes, our award-winning technology can reduce the risk of a bad hire by ~90%.

Employers: Hire Like A Hero
Developed by top scientists from Harvard and Stanford, Scoutible brings together decades of academic research and cutting-edge hiring science to give any team predictive hiring superpowers.
Resumes are out.
Identifying strengths is in.
Strengths like grit and curiosity are the #1 predictor of success, but are never accurately surfaced in the standard hiring process. Invite your applicants to play a game to discover the attributes they share with your top team members - scientifically guaranteed to increase the likeliness of a successful hire.
Meet Your Predictive
Hiring Superpowers
You know who your best performers are, but want to finally know why?  Our expert hiring scientists help your team understand themselves and each other better as a fun team bonding exercise, and then can build data-driven profiles for every job, allowing you to identify people ~90% more likely to perform like your stars.
Moneyball for Hiring.
Our technology gives you X-ray vision into your own team's strengths, then finds science-vetted talent your competition can’t see. After vetting across millions of top talent profiles, our scouts introduce you to top talent virtually certain to perform like your stars ...all at a fraction of the cost of standard recruiters.
The proof is in the data
Better than job KPIs
First Year Sales Performance
Scoutible’s game predicted first year sales performance 213% better than a hire’s first 3 months of selling.
Better than interviews
Top Candidates
Scoutible's science predicts 4.5x better than interviews for a 100+ person team.
Time saved screening
Resume Screening Time
Using Scoutible reduced a fast-growing startup's time spent screening resumes by 87%
How it works
Your Dashboard = Mission Control
Use Scoutible’s technology to assess your team’s strengths, create targeted strengths-first screening profiles, and find dream hires for any job at your company—all with unprecedented ease and accuracy.
Supercharge Your Current Team
You know who your best people are, but want to know why?  Strengthen company morale, measure your team’s culture, and finally understand what’s different about your A players.
Make Every Hire A Top Performer
Discover dream candidates who match the proven strengths and work abilities of your thriving employees—qualities impossible to measure from resumes and interviews alone.
Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of science and gaming to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire... Scoutible is the future.
- Mark Cuban
What customers say about us
We were shocked at the value Scoutible provides
Scoutible has been a vital tool in our hiring process, but we were shocked at the value Scoutible provides within our existing teams. Our facility managers do not have the time nor skillset to review top performers and identify what drives their success on the job. Scoutible was able to identify those traits for our managers, ultimately equipping them to offer feedback and guidance to current team members who were struggling or looking to advance.
- Talent Acquisition Manager | Logistics Company
Helped us identify nontraditional candidates... and they’ve been fantastic performers!
Scoutible has helped us identify nontraditional candidates who don't have college degrees or have gone a different education route, and they've been fantastic performers! Using Scoutible, we’re able to see the strengths and skills that have made our own great employees. After finding our first few incredible hires with Scoutible, it was clear this is how we hire going forward.
- CEO | Tech Company
An Equitable, One-of-a-kind Candidate Experience
Résumés do not predict job success—yet they are the sole basis for rejecting 75-98% of the average company's job applicants! Scoutible eliminates this longstanding roadblock, your team to 98% better odds in finding the best hire.
Scaling An All-Star Team? Game On.
Scoutible empowers you to understand your team members like never before, and find unbelievable talent your competition can’t see.
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