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Our talent scouts give you X-ray vision into your own team's strengths, then deliver science-vetted talent your competition can’t see.

Powered by our award-winning hiring science that reduces the risk of a bad hire by ~90%.

...all at a fraction of the cost of standard recruiters.
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Developed by top scientists from Harvard and Stanford, our scouting process utilizes decades of academic research and the latest in predictive hiring science to unlock the #1 most accurate and unbiased hiring selection criteria that exists.
The Proof Is In The Performance
Better than 3 full months of job KPIs
Long Term Top Performers
Predicted first year top salespeople over 200% more accurately than actual KPIs from a hire's first 3 months of selling.
Better than resumes & interviews
Top Engineering Talent
Matched self-taught eng candidates who outperformed applicants with top CS degrees from MIT & Stanford
Time saved screening
Resume-Screening Time
Reduced a fast-growing startup's time spent screening
for a role by 87%
How it Works
Meet Your Talent Scout
Tell us about your dream hires: who they are (personality and soft skills), and what they know (technical skills and experience).
Review Candidate Batches
The candidates come to you! Our scouts review millions of top talent profiles and vet them on your criteria. Your feedback improves every candidate batch.
Hire Your Dream Team
Hire team members 90% more likely to succeed, for up to 10x cheaper than standard recruiters. Welcome to the future of hiring.
What employers are saying
We were shocked at the value Scoutible provides
Scoutible has been a vital tool in our hiring process, but we were shocked at the value Scoutible provides within our existing teams. Our facility managers do not have the time or skillset to review top performers and identify what drives their success on the job. Scoutible was able to identify those traits for our managers, ultimately equipping them to offer feedback and guidance to current team members who were struggling or looking to advance.
- Talent Acquisition Manager | Tech Company
Helped us identify nontraditional candidates... and they’ve been fantastic performers
Scoutible has helped us identify nontraditional candidates who don't have college degrees or have gone a different education route, and they've been fantastic performers! Using Scoutible, we’re able to see the strengths and skills that have made great employees. After finding our first few great hires from nontraditional backgrounds, it was clear Scoutible has laid the groundwork for how we hire talent going forward.
- CEO | Tech Startup
Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of science and gaming to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology will change hiring as we know it.
- Mark Cuban
Free team evaluation: let our scientists show you why your top performers excel
You know who your best performers are, but want to finally know why? For a limited time, our hiring scientists will set up your entire team with our award-winning strengths finder assessment and evaluate your team's results with you — completely free, no strings attached.
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