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Developed by Harvard experts, Hero Mode is where ambitious leaders get on-demand coaching from AI-based professional heroes, gamify their goals, and unlock their greatest heroic potential in the world.
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Introducing Hero Mode
Hero Mode combines the power of AI technology and real-world advice to transform ambitious humans into the heroes you were meant to be. Our platform helps you overcome perceived limitations, conquer your goals, acquire new skills, and reach your greatest purpose in the world.
Talk, chat, and learn from your professional heroes.
Select your Al coach, inspired by real-world professional leaders and icons. Receive 24/7guidance, inspiration, and the motivation you need to tackle any challenge. Your coach adapts to your goals and habits, providing a personalized experience that keeps you focused and driven.
Win every day with gamified goals & productivity science
Step into a world where your daily tasks are missions, and productivity is your quest. With Hero Mode's science-backed features, you'll conquer procrastination, master time management, and transform your ambitions into achievements that make every day a win.
Uncover your superpowers & become the hero of your story.
Play our interactive strengths-finder game assessment to reveal the natural superpowers that set you apart. Learn how to harness your innate abilities and apply them where they shine the brightest - in your professional life and beyond.
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Scoutible transforms outdated barriers in the professional world, revealing a future where everyone has true freedom of choice in their livelihoods. Their technology can change work as we know it.
—Mark Cuban
Angela Antony
Founder & CEO, Scoutible

Psychology BS, JD, MBA
Harvard University
Where it all began...
Hero Mode by Scoutible was born through years of research at Harvard, the White House, and in partnership with leading organizations worldwide. While earning her psychology, business, and law degrees at Harvard, our founder Angela Antony discovered that strengths mismatch causes 90% of hiring failures and 85% of people to be unhappy in their professional life. Scoutible's team invented the first technology to fix this critical flaw, enabling anyone to discover their greatest potential, achieve their heroic purpose, and live their most fulfilled personal and professional life.
What others are saying:
"I’ve Never Felt As Understood
Or Seen"
"...it changed my life.  I’ve never felt as understood or seen as I did viewing my results. I am #teamprodigy for life! My wife also played the game, and with our results we were able to communicate like never before."
- Caleb, NYC
"I am amazed at how accurately it described me"
"I am amazed how accurately it described me, and it was really fun to see the people who think and operate like me. This [experience] is incredible, the graphics are great, the personal interactions are really interesting, and the games are fun and challenging. Well done!"
- App Store Review
It's time to rewrite your story.
Hero Mode by Scoutible empowers you to understand yourself and your world like never before, and equips you with every tool you need to embrace your extraordinary purpose.

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