The Science Behind Scoutible
Scoutible uses science, technology, and psychology to revolutionize the job search and hiring process.  But why? How does it all work? Let’s look under the hood.
“What major problem does Scoutible solve?”
Traditional hiring is broken for companies and individuals. Of those employed, only 15% are happy and productive in their jobs. And for companies, more than 50% of all new hires fail in less than 18 months! Science has already proven that success on the job doesn’t have to be a coin toss.
“Why do half of all new hires fail?”
Nearly 90% of failed hires are due solely to mismatched strengths, yet 75-98% of candidates are rejected based on resumes alone—which cannot show strengths! The result: the best candidates for any job likely never even get an interview.
“Don’t we learn someone’s strengths in interviews?”
Usually not! Recent research suggests the #1 failure of interviews is accurately measuring strengths. In fact, decisions in interviews are unconsciously made in the first 10 seconds! It’s no one’s fault—simply a phenomenon of how our brains process data.
“Can personality and cognitive strengths really be measured?”
Yes! The field of Psychology has been measuring personality and cognitive traits for decades, using tools like personality surveys and cognitive aptutide tests. In fact, psychometric tests are the single most predictive data that exists for success on any job. (Keep scrolling for the “but”—)
“But if we know psychometric tests predict job success, why isn’t every company using them?”
Great question! The catch is that existing psychometric tests are not possible to use hiring. Why? Because they rely on the test-taker accurately reporting responses to  subjective questions like “Do you waste your time?” or "Are you punctual?" Most people feel this frustration when taking personality tests too—is this really me or did I unintentionally skew my answers? A new form of scientific assessment was needed to harness the power of psychometric science in hiring.
“Why measure strengths using a video game?”
Based on her own Psychology research at Harvard, Scoutible’s founder hypothesized that a new form of science-based video game could finally enable reliable strengths identification in hiring, able to measure all of the most job-relevant traits in minutes without asking a single subjective survey question. If so, this game would be the most accurate, quickest, and lowest-cost pre-hire assessment ever developed.
“What does Scoutible’s game actually measure?”
Scoutible’s game is designed to measure the entire spectrum of human personality, as well as critical cognitive attributes known to power fit and success on any job.
“What if someone doesn’t play games?”
Absolutely no gaming experience is required! Unlike a test, there are no wrong answers in the game. The technology simply creates a fingerprint of how you naturally think and instinctually respond in the game world. There is never any disadvantage due to inexperience with games or demographic factors like gender, age, or ethnicity.
“What is the Strengths Resume?”
Every Scoutible user receives their personalized Strengths Resume, telling their true professional story by weaving their science-vetted strengths with the real-world experiences and skills they’ve picked up along the way. This unique profile allows Scoutible to be the user’s reference, verifying their true strengths in a way that has never been possible before. In addition, every user becomes part of a Scoutible Team. Each team represents an iconic combination of underlying strengths.
“Does Scoutible work beyond hiring?”
We’re so glad you asked! Scoutible has been applied in hiring and beyond (did you know the game can predict sales performance, customer service ratings, and high school students' SAT scores within 1.5% accuracy?). Scoutible's team continues to partner with a wide range of organizations, conduct ongoing research, and expand the applications of our technology all the time.
Scoutible for Individuals
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