It all started when…

While studying at Harvard Law School, Scoutible founder Angela Antony discovered a major flaw in the labor market: Almost every hiring decision is informed by the wrong information, which, in turn, results in widespread failed hires, unhappy employees, and a $550 billion annual cost to the U.S. economy in lost productivity. Antony’s work led to a position at the White House with the National Economic Council. While there, she met Mark Cuban who learned about the book she was writing on the topic. His response: "Don't finish that book. You need to build the solution—and I want to fund it."

Today, Mark Cuban is a lead investor, joined by Learn Capital, NEA, Stanford University, and other top investors, advisors, and collaborators passionate about the future of work.  

Scoutible’s vision is inspired by the Japanese idea of “ikigai.” Loosely translated as “reason for being,” it is best represented in the Venn diagram created by the intersection of  passion, mission, vocation and profession, and through the questions: What do you love?, What are you good at?, What can you be paid for?, and What does the world need? Scoutible’s technology helps people find their sweet spot across these dimensions. The productivity and positivity it inevitably unlocks enhances the life of job seekers, the productivity of employers and the success of the global economy. 

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