Power your Purpose
Scoutible’s technology was built to empower everyone to discover their true potential, pinpoint their greatest purpose, and live their most fulfilled personal and professional life. We’re on a mission to democratize happiness.
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How it works
A Scientific Approach
Scoutible's proprietary gaming technology discovers players’ essential cognitive and personality traits—such as creativity, curiosity, and grit— as they interact in our immersive game world. The resulting qualities tell a richer, deeper, more compelling story about an individual than any piece of paper ever could, namely degrees or resumes.

This technology has and will continue to revolutionize the way we hire and get hired, unlocking opportunity for enhanced productivity and synergies of oneself, work teams, and ultimately the success of the global economy.
The center of what we do
Our Purpose Formula
We built Scoutible to bring the science of happiness out of the ivory tower and into the hands of the world, to help everyone, regardless of background, navigate our most important decision—what we will do with our one precious life. Scoutible’s technology helps individuals answer the 3 key elements of our purpose formula: what are you great at (strengths),  what do you love (passions), and what does the world need (work).

Our unprecedented gaming technology helps people find their sweet spot across these dimensions, resulting in a happier, more fulfilled life and career.
Our Mission
To enable anyone, regardless of educational background or work experience, to find their unique purpose in life – the intersection of our strengths, passions, and work the world needs from us most.
Angela Antony
Founder & CEO, Scoutible
Where it all started...
Scoutible was born through years of research at Harvard, the White House, and in partnership with leading organizations worldwide. While earning her psychology, business, and law degrees at Harvard, our founder Angela Antony became passionate about discovering the root cause of the epidemics of hiring failure, low work satisfaction, systemic hiring bias, unhappiness, and lost productivity plaguing the nation. She discovered that they all traced back to one critical flaw in our labor market: the single most accurate and unbiased measure of fit to any type of work is a person’s personality and cognitive strengths, yet these traits are never actually measured in today’s hiring process.

During a visit to the White House, Mark Cuban learned about a book Angela was writing on her work, and funded the development of the game technology - the first real-world solution to an entrenched systemic flaw that ripples to every corner of our lives, society and economy.

Today, an extraordinary team of scientists, game developers, psychologists, data scientists, economists, engineers and more have come together to bring Scoutible’s unprecedented game technology and vision to life: a new professional world where anyone can be discovered for their greatest potential - without the barriers and biases of the physical working world.
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Investors / Advisors
Mark Cuban
Serial Entrepreneur, Dallas Maverick’s Owner, ABC’s Shark Tank, First Scoutible Investor
Jules Miller
3-time Founder, U.S. Lead and 
Partner at Mindset Ventures
Iqram Magon-Ismail
Founder of Venmo 
(acquired by Paypal)
Akshay Kothari
Founder of Pulse (acq. LinkedIn) Former Head of LinkedIn India
Joel Poloney
Founder of Farmville (acq. Zynga)
Founder of Toro (acq. Google)
Holly Rose Faith
Former Talent Partner @NEA
Executive Talent Partner, Greylock
Our Science Board
Adam Grant, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Wharton
Expert in the science of meaningful work & work motivation. Host of WorkLife podcast and #1 rated Wharton Professor 7x Co-Authored bestselling book Option B with Sheryl Sandberg
Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Harvard University
Expert on the science of happiness and achievement. Author of bestselling book Stumbling on Happiness. Host of award-winning TV series “This Emotional Life”
Mike Ambinder, Ph.D.
Principal Psychologist, Valve Corporation
Pioneer in human behavior applied to leading video games. Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Washington. Psychology & CS, Yale University; Psychology PhD, U of Illinois
Scoutible is building a future where everyone's true self and greatest gifts are discoverable and applied in all areas of their life - powering a happier, richer, freer human experience for all.