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Through a 15 minute mobile game, Scoutible helps you discover your greatest talents—then matches you to job opportunities that fit.

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Scoutible transforms the outdated barriers in today's job market, revealing an unbiased future where everyone has better opportunities and true freedom of choice in their livelihoods.
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Mark Cuban
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Play a quick 15-minute game on your phone to instantly get your strength results. Backed by years of scientific research.
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On the hunt for a new gig? Set yourself as open to work and we’ll put you in Scoutible Pool – when companies are looking for strengths like yours, you’ll be the first to know!
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Finding a job that’s right for you is hard work. That’s why we’ll handle it! We’ll scout your strengths profiles to jobs that match, meaning you get opportunities without ever even applying.
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50% of people are unhappy at work. Are you? Find out what you’re great at to find a job you’d excel at. Even if you don’t have the experience yet!

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Get scouted to jobs that fit your strengths. Just play a 15-minute science-backed game on your phone.
Get scouted to jobs
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I’ve Never Felt As Understood Or Seen
Much more than a game... changed my life. The game itself is phenomenal....more importantly, however, was the post-game analysis. I’ve never felt as understood or seen as I did viewing my results. I am #teamprodigy for life! My wife also played the game, and with our results we were able to communicate like never before.
- App Store Review
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