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Scoutible gives you X-ray vision into your own team's strengths, then delivers science-vetted talent your competition can’t see.
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Developed by top scientists from Harvard and Stanford, Scoutible brings together decades of academic research and the latest in predictive hiring science to help everyone discover their strengths. Empower your team and unlock the #1 most accurate and unbiased hiring selection criteria that exists—in just 15 minutes of play.
Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of science and gaming to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology will change hiring as we know it.
- Mark Cuban
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Resumes are out.
Hiring for strengths is in.
Strengths are the most accurate hiring criteria known to exist, yet they are never measured in the hiring process! Invite your applicants to play a 15-minute game and discover their strengths-fit to your dream hire or your own best people. Scientifically guaranteed to increase the likelihood of a successful hire.
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predictive sourcing and screening
Reward pre-hire training and skill testing
Use tokens to reward high-potential candidates for training and testing critical skills you need today. Stand out in a crowded job market and create unprecedented candidate pipelines for any technical or nontechnical roles. Instantly see a roster of custom-vetted talent who fit your team, skills, and culture like a glove.
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Break through the
résumé barrier
Résumés do not predict job success—yet they are the sole basis for rejecting 75-98% of the average company's job applicants. Scoutible eliminates this longstanding roadblock, allowing you to pinpoint top talent that your competitors can't see using the #1 most predictive hiring criteria that exists. Welcome to moneyball for hiring.
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The proof is in the data
Better than actual job KPIs
More Accurate than On-the-Job KPIs
Scoutible’s pre-hire game predicted KPIs like annual sales performance 213% better than a hire's first 3 months on the job.
Better than interviews
More Accurate than Interviews
Scoutible data predicted top hires 4.5x better than interviews for a 100+ person startup team.
Time saved screening
More Accurate than Resumes
Using Scoutible reduced a fast-growing startup's time spent screening resumes by 87%
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How it works
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Use Scoutible’s technology to assess your team’s strengths, create targeted strengths-first job requirements, and find dream hires for any job at your company—all for free.
Supercharge Your Dream Team
Measure your current team’s culture and discover what makes your best people tick. Use this knowledge to create data-driven personas and instantly scout for your dream hires.
Make Every Hire A Top Performer
Discover perfect-fit candidates and reward them for vetting and training themselves pre-hire in the skills you want most. Create an on-demand pipeline of ready-to-start talent.
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An Equitable, One-of-a-kind Candidate Experience
Invite unlimited applicants to play the award-winning strengths-finder game for your team – giving all a fair chance to showcase their true fit before even looking at a resume.
Experience Bias-Free Hiring
Hiring for Strengths: Success Stories
A fast-growing tech startup was searching for an urgent engineering hire. Among a large pool of applicants, Scoutible's game quickly highlighted a clear top candidate. This person possessed cognitive and personality strengths that closely matched those of the company's leading engineers, which suggested a strong role and cultural fit.

To the company's surprise, this ideal candidate was an auto technician of a Latinx background working full-time in a garage. He had never worked in an office nor attended college. He taught himself to code using online courses, and his natural strengths indexed over numerous candidates with top computer science degrees from schools like Stanford and MIT.

The company hired this nontraditional candidate. He became one of the company’s top engineers and core team members for years. His strengths profile became the benchmark for future technical hires at the company.
Assess Your Stars. Build Dream Teams. Repeat.
Understand your team like never before
Every team at a company is made up of a diverse set of skills, passions, paths, and personalities. Uncover the hidden strengths on your own team and supercharge your collective powers—all in just a few minutes of gameplay.
Discover Dream Candidates
Translate the best strengths of your top employees into dream candidates for any role. Instantly understand potential hires as if you’d worked with them for years all before the first interview.
Power Your Collective Purpose
Employees who leverage their strengths at work everyday are 6x more likely to outperform, be engaged on the job, stay at their company, and report higher overall happiness & well-being, fostering a better workplace for all.
What employers are saying
We were shocked at the value Scoutible provides
Scoutible has been a vital tool in our hiring process, but we were shocked at the value Scoutible provides within our existing teams. Our facility managers do not have the time or skillset to review top performers and identify what drives their success on the job. Scoutible was able to identify those traits for our managers, ultimately equipping them to offer feedback and guidance to current team members who were struggling or looking to advance.
- Talent Acquisition Manager | Tech Company
Helped us identify nontraditional candidates... and they’ve been fantastic performers
Scoutible has helped us identify nontraditional candidates who don't have college degrees or have gone a different education route, and they've been fantastic performers! Using Scoutible, we’re able to see the strengths and skills that have made great employees. After finding our first few great hires from nontraditional backgrounds, it was clear Scoutible has laid the groundwork for how we hire talent going forward.
- CEO | Tech Startup
Scaling an All-Star Team? Game on.
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