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How it works
Invite your Team Members to play
Invite your team members via a unique link to play the Scoutible game on their smartphone. As they play, their strengths results will populate in your dashboard – giving your direct insight into the top strenghts of your team!
Build Your Dream Candidate Personas
Here’s the fun part: building a persona of the ideal candidate to connect to your open jobs. Have a #1 sales rep at your company? Build a persona based on that person!
Create Jobs & Invite Your Applicants
As your applicants play Scoutible, their strengths will automatically be ranked by their match to the persona connected to each job – finding you the candidates who are most likely to be successful before you’ve even held an interview.
The proof is in data
Better than job KPIs
First Year Sales Performance
Scoutible’s game predicted first year sales performance 213% better than a hire’s first 3 months of selling.
Better than interviews
Top Sales People
Scoutible predicted top sales people 4.5x better than interviews for a 100+ person sales team.
Time saved screening
Resume-Screening Time
Using Scoutible reduced a fast-growing startup's time spent screening resumes by 87%
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An Equitable, one-of-a-kind Candidate Experience
Invite unlimited applicants to play Scoutible – giving everyone a fair chance to show their true strengths before even looking at a resume.
Democratize your hiring
Scoutible Pool
Hiring for sales? We Scout for that.
Let us do the heavy lifting. With a roster of strengths-screened candidates that match top performers in their industry or your best people, you’ll find dream hire that fit your team like a glove.
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*Only available for certain roles at this time
What customers say about us
Helped us identify non-traditional candidates and they’ve been fantastic performers
Scoutible has helped us identify nontraditional candidates who don't have college degrees or have gone a different education route, and they've been fantastic performers. Using Scoutible, we’re able to see the strengths and skills that have made great employees. After finding our first few great hires from nontraditional backgrounds, it was clear Scoutible has laid the groundwork for how we hire talent going forward.
- CEO | Magnatur
Your hiring just got a whole lot better
Is strengths based hiring “too good to be true? Try for free for yourself! Compare your applicants to the strengths of your team members in seconds.
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Scoutible in the Press
Scaling An All-Star Team? Game On.
Scoutible empowers you to understand your team members like never before,
and find unbelievable talent your competition can’t see.
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See your strengths. Find your fire. Power your purpose.
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