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Scoutible's award-winning game showcases a person’s true personality and cognitive strengths – the single most accurate and unbiased hiring criteria known to exist.
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“Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of science and gaming to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology could change hiring as we know it.”
Mark Cuban
Lead Investor

“A Video Game That Slays Hiring Bias And Airdrops You Into The Right Job”

- FastCompany
In 15 minutes, Scoutible gameplay captures tens of thousands of data points about an individual's natural strengths – more than several days' worth of old school testing.
Learn how strengths measure success
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Empower Your Team Members
Invite your team to play and discover their own strengths – fostering a transparent, skill-forward work culture
Build Personas
Create ideal candidate personas based on the strengths of your top people – then find candidates that match
Create Jobs and Invite Your Applicants
Postpone the resume screen and let your applicants strengths do the talking. Invite them to play and see their results roll in.
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For Employers
How it works

Job Seekers

Play the Strength-Finder Game
Discover your most inherent strengths in just 15 minutes of play, giving you access to a comprehensive strengths resume
Get Scouted to Jobs
Set your job preferences to sign up for Scoutible Pool – matching you to open roles that fit your strengths
Share your Strengths Resume
Scoutible serves as a 3rd party guarantor to your top strengths. Use your results to showcase what you bring to the table.
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Get your very own Strengths Resume & connect with potential opportunities that fit your skillset. Are you an employer? Play the game for yourself and invite your team for free.

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