Never make another bad hire.

The world's first game-based AI for hiring top talent.

In 20 minutes, Scoutible can predict the future performance of a candidate before you've even interviewed them.


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Find Your Dream Candidates


Predictive hiring technology customized to find perfect-fit candidates for your company.


Optional candidate anonymization eliminates bias from the hiring process.

Predict Future Performance

Our data predicts job success 2x better than interviews, 3x better than work experience and 4x better than education level.

Hire Rockstars

Sort applicants by predicted job performance and ideal personality traits. Instantly create a shortlist of superstars, and seal the deal.


The Next Generation of Hiring

Stand Out

Attract more candidates by differentiating your application process with a 20-minute game.

Screen Out

Instantly filter out bad hires, which cost roughly 200% of their annual salary to replace. Spend your time where it counts, with the right candidates.

Millions of data points

Learn the hidden strengths of candidates and what they will be like to work with, before conducting a single interview.

Perfect Fit

Predict a candidate’s job success for any role - such as your sales and customer service teams - before you hire them.


Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of gaming and AI to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology could change hiring as we know it.

- Mark Cuban

Make every hire a top performer.