Scoutible's award-winning team of PhDs, scientists, and gaming experts developed our groundbreaking assessment technology. Let's tell you more...



Scoutible's award-winning team of psychologists and PhDs from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale collaborate with our game developers from top AAA studios to create our proprietary assessment technology. Scoutible invents mobile games that are fun and user-friendly, yet also reliably differentiate among candidates based on their personality and cognitive abilities. Our technology uses sophisticated machine learning techniques that translate in-game actions to a person’s real world characteristics.

Decades of academic studies have demonstrated that personality traits and cognitive abilities are the single most accurate predictors of future job performance. Scoutible's experts in cognitive science, machine learning, and games are pioneers in translating this body of cognitive research into the mobile gaming context. Our tools enable companies, for the first time, to compare candidates pre-hire on these most predictive attributes with unprecedented logistical ease and accuracy.



Scoutible's games record gigs of data about how a candidate thinks, behaves, and instinctually interacts (exponentially more information than can be gleaned in an interview!). From this data, we're able to quantify the most predictive cognitive abilities and personality traits related to a person's performance and behavior on the job. We translate this information into tools that enable companies to make the best, fastest, and most accurate hiring decisions (see our Enterprise Products). 

Just a few of the scientific traits we measure and quantify:

· The entire spectrum of human personality 
· Social Problem Solving Skills
· Leadership Potential
· General Mental Ability 
· Intellectual Curiosity
· Long-term Focus
· Interpersonal Skills
· Comfort with Ambiguity
· And scores of other personality & cognitive traits
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"what if SOMEONE doesn't play games?"

Our technology measures how a candidate thinks and makes decisions, completely independent from their level of  gameplay experience. Our algorithms detect and calibrate to each person's unique gameplay patterns, so there is no advantage due to being a "gamer" or "non-gamer", and similarly no advantage or disadvantage based on age, gender, or other factors. 


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