Scoutible’s game-based technology—developed by scientists at Harvard and Stanford—assesses a candidate’s essential attributes, providing employers with the most accurate predictors of job success and job seekers with the necessary insight to land positions in which they have the best chance to thrive.

built on decades of research

A wealth of academic studies show that soft skills like cognitive aptitude are the most accurate predictors of a candidate's future job performance: 2x better than interviews, 3x better than work experience, 4x better than education level.

Our game enables companies to compare candidates on these most predictive attributes with unprecedented logistical ease and accuracy.

GRoundbreaking assessment technology

Our technology—developed by experts in cognitive science, machine learning, and games—records hundreds of thousands of data points from each candidate’s gameplay, capturing how each thinks, instinctually responds and behaves.

Using this data, we quantify the most predictive psychometric traits related to how a person will  perform and behave in specific roles. Attributes include:

  • Cognitive aptitudes 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Grit

  • Leadership style

  • Creativity

  • Intellectual curiosity 

EQUAL empowerment for all

A candidate’s previous gaming experience has no impact on our technology’s ability to analyze a candidate’s thinking and decision-making. We also regularly measure the performance of our solutions on populations of varying age, gender, ethnicity, and gaming experience to ensure our equal treatment of all groups.


Scoutible Success Story

A tech company’s surprise engineering hire

A growing technology company used Scoutible to fill a high-priority software engineering position. The game quickly identified one candidate who possessed a set of cognitive skills and personality traits that matched those of current top engineers at the company and the company’s desired employee traits, which suggested a strong technical and cultural fit.  

Surprisingly, this ideal candidate was a full-time auto technician who had never been to college nor worked in an office. But his natural abilities indexed over numerous other candidates with top computer science degrees from Ivy League schools—so the company hired him.

Today, he’s one of that company’s top engineers and most enthusiastic team members. His Scoutible profile has become a template for future engineering hires at the company.


By The Numbers

  • For a fast-growing tech startup, Scoutible reduced time spent screening résumés by more than 75%

  • In a large global customer service organization, Scoutible predicted employees’ 5-star customer ratings within a 1% margin of error.

  • With a retail sales team, Scoutible’s game was a more accurate predictor of first-year sales performance than individual sales metrics after three months of full-time employment.