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Scoutible is incredible in its use of gaming and AI to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology could change hiring as we know it.
Mark Cuban, Investor

Hiring is a team sport
We use science to connect high-growth jobs with the right candidates

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Our Scouts match available sales talent 4.5x more likely to be an amazing hire

Democratizing hiring one game at a time

Enable your candidates to understand what they excel at and bring all their best strengths to the table. Hire based on who's right for the job – not just who can craft the best resume.
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Give every candidate a fair chance
Hire for strengths
Assess candidates based on inherent strengths they naturally excel at
Clone your team
Find candidates to complement the top performers on your current team.
Tackle hiring bias
Go beyond a candidate's interview skills to focus on their potential
Retain top talent
Empower your current team and to understand and use their talents

Scoutible Hiring & Retention
Reduce your resume screen time by 87%+

A One-of-a-kind Candidate Experience

Give your job applicants the gift of bringing all their best strengths to the table. Hire based on who can crush the job – not just who can show off the best resume.
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Strengths are the #1 predictor of success

Resumes, education, experience and job interviews don't come close to the accuracy of soft skills when it comes to hiring top sales talent. Hire based on what matters most.
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Find hires 4.5x more likely to succeed on the job

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Measure the strengths of your team members and
applicants to better inform hiring and retention
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  • Low-cost flat fee (less than $5k per hire) only due if you hire a matched candidate
  • 90 day new hire guarantee
  • Experience on-demand sales hiring like never before: get top candidates 4.5x more likely to succeed at half the cost!
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“Scoutible helped us identify nontraditional candidates and they've been fantastic performers.”
Alex Feng, CEO at Magnataur

Strengths are the #1 predictor of success

Scoutible predicted success of a 100 person sales team 4.5x better than interviews
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