Learn Your Strengths.

Shape Your Story.

Find Your Place To Thrive.


Scoutible is the most fun you’ll ever have figuring out your future. Developed by expert psychologists, this quick-and-easy mobile game reveals your essential qualities—then matches you with employers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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Virtual game, Real-world opportunities  

Your role-playing journey takes less than 20 minutes. No decision is wrong, and no gaming experience required. Our technology—developed by Harvard and Stanford psychologists—analyzes in-game actions to identify your essential attributes, such as creativity, curiosity and grit. The resulting insights tell a story that your résumé never could. 

Get noticed

With your true talents and best qualities speaking for themselves, top companies can reach out with jobs that fit you like a glove.

A fairer process

Employers reach out blindly, which eliminates unconscious hiring bias and allows you to be seen for what matters. You decide when to reveal your name.


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A revolutionary way to hire.

Find your ideal employee for every position

“Soft skills” (personality or cognitive traits) are the most accurate predictors of future job success. In fact, 89% of turnover is due to soft skill mismatch. But these skills rarely surface accurately during hiring.

Scoutible solves this problem. Employers use our platform to create their ideal “persona” (must-have traits) for a position, reflecting the soft skills and personality of star performers, real or hoped-for. Our technology then assesses candidates based on results from their gameplay and prioritizes them based on how well they match the ideal persona.

Break through the résumé barrier

Résumés don’t predict job success—and yet they are often the sole reason for rejecting close to 98% of a company’s candidates. Scoutible’s game eliminates this longstanding roadblock. Instead, employers see a ranking of easily differentiated profiles, informed by the qualities, traits and skills that matter most to their organization.

Increase diversity and level the playing field

View the talents of candidates on a name-blind basis, giving each one an equal opportunity to impress you with the qualities that matter most to your company. Dramatically reduce unintended gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and socioeconomic biases. Research shows diverse teams are 35% more likely to outperform.


Make every hire the right hire.


“Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of gaming and AI to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology could change hiring as we know it.”

-Mark Cuban