Welcome to the future of hiring.

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The world's first game-based AI for hiring top talent.

In 20 minutes, Scoutible can uncover the greatest strengths of a candidate before you've even interviewed them.

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Let Your Dream Job Find You

Play an adventure game

Developed by psychologists from Harvard and Stanford, embark on an in-game adventure that effortlessly discovers your real-world strengths. No choice is a wrong choice, and absolutely no gaming experience is required.

Discover your greatest talents

Our proprietary technology effortlessly learns from your unique in-game actions and decisions, showcasing your strengths like creativity, grit, and problem solving in a way your resume never could. 

Anonymous until you say yes

Employers reach out to you anonymously - blind matching keeps you in control and eliminates unconscious hiring bias, allowing you to be seen for what matters.

Get scouted!

Receive inbound offers from top companies for opportunities that fit you perfectly. Let your talents speak for themselves.



Employers: The Next Generation of Hiring

Evaluate what actually matters

89% of failed hires are due to soft skill mismatch. Cognitive soft skills are the most accurate predictors of future performance on any job: 2x better than interviews, 3x better than work experience, and 4x better than education level. Yet they are never actually measured in traditional hiring processes.

Build a custom personality-fit profile

Scoutible’s platform uncovers the ideal combination of soft skill attributes for your team, then scientifically measures those personality and cognitive aptitudes about candidates (rather than guessing based on resumes and interviews).

Increase diversity and level the playing field

View the talents of candidates on a name-blind basis to level the playing field. Scoutible gives every candidate an equal opportunity to shine based on the qualities that matter, dramatically reducing unintended gender, racial, and socioeconomic biases.

Hire rockstars

Understand the fit and likelihood of future job success, before scheduling a single interview. Make every hire a top performer.


Scoutible's games have visual appeal, with graphics that look like they belong in a mobile game you'd pay at least $4.99 for on the App Store. 

- PC Magazine

Its groundbreaking technology categorizes players' distinct cognitive and personality traits through gameplay.

- Top Reviews

Scoutible’s platform is incredible in its use of gaming and AI to wildly increase the odds of a successful hire. Their technology could change hiring as we know it.

- Mark Cuban


Make every hire a top performer.