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The Scoutible difference

Persona-Based hiring

Half of new employees fail within 18 months. That doesn’t mean employers are bad at hiring; it means the traditional hiring process—screening for degrees and work experience first—is backwards. 

Scoutible fixes that. In our game environment, our unique machine learning technology assesses candidates’ behavior as they steer through unfamiliar territory in order to identify their unique set of “soft skills” (personality or cognitive traits). Our platform then suggests ideal matches between a company’s specific personas (must-have soft skills for each role) and the people ideally suited to fill them.


Level-up your hiring process

Template your best performers

Our platform allows your organization to build the ideal persona for any position—based on the star qualities of proven employees or other must-have soft skills—then ranks all potential candidates in order of best-fit before you’ve even scheduled the first interview. It also alerts you when new candidates matching the job profile and experience requirements enter our database.

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Remove roadblocks—and bias

A fairer process that’s also more efficient

When candidates go through Scoutible’s game-based assessment, our machine learning technology turns an overwhelming avalanche of résumés into lively personas defined by the soft skills and character qualities that an employer has deemed important. Candidates are assessed and prioritized for a role simply by finishing the game, which takes no more than 20 minutes.

Conversely, because candidates may play anonymously (until they decide to reveal their identity), employers decrease the likelihood of unintended biases.