LEAD Engineer / Sr. back end engineer

San Francisco | Full Time

What you'll be doing:

  • Lead the development of Scoutible’s enterprise SaaS web platform and data analytics infrastructure

  • Offer technical expertise in decision-making and determine post-MVP technical strategy

  • Continue iterating on our current stack or lead a new, greenfield codebase

  • Validate and oversee the technical roadmap for Scoutible’s products / apps / platforms

  • You'll have a lot of opportunity for blue-sky thinking and getting creative to meet the company's technical needs

Skills you'll need:

  • Fluency in backend scripting languages (python, node, php, ruby, go)

  • Familiarity with frontend technologies (Javascript/CSS/HTML, React, etc.)

  • Ability to define scalable, monitored, reliable SaaS architectures, including the evaluation of third-party service providers

  • Experience hiring people for technical roles, as we'll need you to build out and lead a team of engineers

  • Good communication skills; be able to breakdown technical concepts / issues to nontechnical audiences (internally and externally)

Nice to have:

  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment as part of an ambitious, top-notch team

  • A passion for connecting people with opportunity; a desire to disrupt hiring practices

  • An interest in video games (experience developing games not required for this role)

  • Experience working with big data

  • Interest in data science, machine learning

As Scoutible’s Lead Engineer, you will own the company’s technical roadmap, alongside an ambitious, all-star team who has each other’s backs. Your role will primarily involve hands-on coding and development of our enterprise SaaS web platform and analytics infrastructure. As the team grows, technical leadership and aligning the vision and milestones we set forth as a team will become a focus as well. The ideal candidate has expert knowledge of modern web technologies and frameworks, has built backend infrastructure and/or data pipelines (though strong frontend experience could be a fit as well),  and has ample experience on engineering teams shipping software products.


More about Scoutible:

Scoutible is a game-based hiring platform, using immersive mobile games to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs. Scoutible’s technology identifies players’ unique cognitive and personality traits through gameplay, then spots opportunities where players’ attributes match those of companies’ proven top performers. Here's a short video that briefly explains the concept.

Developed in Stanford University's StartX startup incubator, Scoutible is a member of IBM's Global Entrepreneurs Program and is backed by Mark Cuban, NEA, and other top advisors, investors, and collaborators.



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