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ScoutiblE: THE world’s first neuroscience-based gaming PLATFORM for talent discovery.


Performance Predictor

In just 20 minutes, Scoutible can predict the performance of any candidate before you've even interviewed them. Our award-winning performance predictor technology removes the time-intensive resume screening, interviewing, and guesswork from hiring. Quantify the critical personality traits and nuanced soft skills of your applicants. Never miss a rockstar candidate, and never make another bad hire.


  • Sales

    • This predictor measures the traits indicative of a person’s natural aptitude as a top Sales professional; such as grit, work ethic, drive, communication, flexibility, assertiveness, and other qualities.

  • Customer Service

    • This predictor measures the traits indicative of person’s natural aptitude as a top Customer Service professional; such as being empathetic, adaptive, amiable, disciplined, and other qualities.
  • CUSTOM (any role with 150+ employees)

    • For any role with more than 150 current employees, we'll build a custom performance predictor for your company. All that's required is that your employees play our 20-minute game. We then instantly identify the exact combinations of traits that distinguish your superstars, and find you more people like them.

How it works

Scoutible’s machine-learning approach to performance prediction is validated by decades of psychological research into Sales and Customer Service success.

Performance Predictor's data predicts job success 2x better than job interviews, 3x better than work experience, and 4x better than education level.

Applicants to your jobs are instantly invited to play Scoutible games (takes 20 minutes). Scoutible then sorts your talent pool and instantly delivers your shortlist of perfect-fit candidates based on their predicted performance (ex: 97% Sales Aptitude), along with a report detailing the candidate's individual personality (like work ethic, sociability, and intellect).

Performance Predictor not only screens applicants for you, but even gives you a report on each top candidate tantamount to conducting the first interview!


  • Instantly predict a candidate's future performance at your company, before you hire them!
  • Learn the hidden strengths of candidates and what they will be like to work with, before conducting a single interview
  • Eliminate time wasted at the top of the funnel, so your recruiters can spend their time where it counts with the right candidates
  • Screen out bad hires, which cost roughly 200% of annual salary to replace (not including lost productivity)
  • Differentiate your employer brand and enhance your talent pipeline

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