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ScoutiblE: THE world’s first neuroscience-based gaming PLATFORM for talent discovery.


Performance Predictor

In just 20 minutes, we create a customized hiring screen benchmarked on your company's proven top performers. Remove all the time-intensive resume screening, interviewing, and guesswork from hiring. Never miss a rockstar candidate. Never make another bad hire again.

how it works:

  1. Your relevant employees play Scoutible's mobile games (20 minutes).
  2. Scoutible's scientists distill that team's "top performer profile." This is the exact combination of psychometric traits that distinguish your top-performing employees from the rest.
  3. Your applicants play Scoutible's games (20 minutes). Performance Predictor then instantly delivers your shortlist of perfect-fit candidates, along with a report detailing their scientific traits—like leadership potential and intellect—and predicted KPIs on the job (example: "Candidate A is a 90% fit to the role and will generate $200,000/month in gross sales"). 


  • Predict a candidate's future KPIs (like sales or customer service ratings)
  • Predict turnover risk and ramp-up time of your applicants
  • Identify undiscovered leaders inside your company
  • Identify better-fitting internal roles for talent within your company
  • Uncover the hidden strengths of your team members


Quantify the personality traits and nuanced soft skills of applicants. Talent Fingerprint's cognitive data predicts job success 2x better than job interviews, 3x better than work experience, and 4x better than education level.

how it works:

  1. Applicants to your jobs play Scoutible games (20 minutes)
  2. We quantify each candidate's soft skills like intellect, work ethic, and leadership, and deliver you a customized report on each candidate. 
  3. Your hiring managers can use Talent Fingerprint to screen candidates with unprecedented accuracy (89% of turnover is due to soft skill mismatch)


  • Gain insight into the soft skills and personality of applicants to your jobs
  • Screen for soft skills at the top of the hiring funnel, without interviews
  • Eliminate bad hires, which cost roughly 200% of annual salary to replace
  • Differentiate your hiring process and enhance your talent pipeline